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Everything you need to make fun, animated parodies of you and your friends for social media shorts or long form animated vlogs in my Animate Talking Heads Bundle. Get two extra tutorial packs for just an extra US$10.00 - less than the price of each if bought individually!

This US$49.95 Bundle, with a total value of US$65.93, includes (click the links to get full details of each pack):

  • The Lazy Animator Guide to Animating Talking Heads in
    Cartoon Animator 5

    Learn how to animate an entire scene from script, to Cartoon Animator, to Video Editor, to finished Animation. Along the way you'll learn three different methods to quickly animate a talking head (and upper body) so you can complete quick animated shorts in hours rather than days.
  • How to Turn Yourself into an Animated Cartoon Character
    Learn how to take a photo of you or your friends and turn it into a fully rigged and ready for animation Talking Cartoon Character in Cartoon Animator. This 27 minute video tutorial uses free online cloud apps, and Krita to help turn your photo into a fun caricature style cartoon character.
  • How to Create Caricature Faces From Photos Using Krita
    One, 13 page, PDF document taking a more detailed step through how to cartoon a face using only the free graphics software app, Krita, and then turn it into a fun caricature style face that you can rig in Cartoon Animator using the knowledge you've learned in the previous tutorial.

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Three Pack Bundle. See individual product pages for an exact list of what each pack includes.

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Animate Talking Heads Bundle

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